News Flash Licence agreement Edison

Das Projektziel ist es, die Wirtschaftlichkeit der Produktion von flüssigen Treibstoffen der zweiten Generation zu demonstrieren. Gezielt wurde der Standort Güssing für das Projekt ausgewählt.

news flash status update der GRE DFB Vergasungsanlage in Nongbua, Thailand (JP Version)

Dieser Beitrag gibt Einblicke von der Produktion der Hauptkomponenten bei unserem Hersteller in Pune, Indien und zeigt aktuelle Bildaufnahmen des Standortes in Nongbua, Thailand, wo Asien's erste GRE DFB Gasifikationsanlage derzeit errichtet wird.

tech flash liquid fuels from biomass through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

In this video we show you how we convert biomass to liquid fuels. Through Fischer Tropsch synthesis, the cleaned syn-gas from the Hofbauer-Reactor can be turned into waxes for further refining to liquid fuels. With the side-by-side comparison, you will see the advantages of biomass derived fuels compared to fossil fuels. Concept und Realization: […]

tech flash fire test CNG vehicle

In this video we show you , that a CNG driven car set on fire is less dangerous than a car running on fuel   Concept and Realization: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2012

news flash refueling the VW XL1 with CareFuel (JP version)

*This is the Japanese version of the video. Click here for the English version. Advanced technology in fuel refining by Carbon Recycling and advanced technology in automotive design are the short time solution to the world’s emission problem! Both technologies are available at industrial scale today and will be the clean standard of tomorrow. GRE […]

tech flash cold flow model of the DFB gasifier (JP version)

*This is the Japanese version of the video. Click here for the English version. In this video you will see the cold flow model of the DFB gasification system. It is used to investigate the operational behavior of the unique dual fluidized bed system and is designed for increased fuel flexibility. With friendly permission from […]