About us

greg.tv is the news channel of Gussing Renewable Energy. Here we present our activities and projects from around the world, our extraordinary technologies along with our ideas and visions. greg.tv will give you new insights on renewable energy and the people who are making it happen.

Our man behind the scenes is Christoph Czernin. Christoph produces and shoots all our videos. An accomplished film maker and director of photography, Christoph has worked behind the camera for over 20 years and teaches at the Vienna Film Academy.

The company

Gussing Renewable Energy is an international company from Austria with a global outlook, and cosmopolitan staff. GRE offers integrated solutions for energy security, prosperity and sustainable growth through renewable, regional resources in three continents. We currently are working on projects in Thailand, Canada, the US, Serbia, Germany and Austria.

Business model – Energy supply for communities

The fundamental business model of Gussing Renewable Energy is the provision of communities with energy, thereby aiming at the creation of energy self-sufficiency and safety as well of jobs through new business establishments. We assist communities in producing reliable energy of certifiable quality from locally and regionally available renewable resources.

This way, capital flows remain in the region where they serve as catalysts for a positive economic trend, promote major communal developments and improve the residents´ quality of life.

Franchise and license models

Gussing Renewable Energy provides the planning, design, construction, operation and sale of customized, highly efficient and reliable CO2-neutral solutions for MultiFunctional EnergySystems (MFES) from renewable energy, with an Integrated Resources Management (IRM) for all communities, business enterprises, industries and households which have a need for a self-sufficient, sustainable energy production with CO2 neutrality. For attaining this, various technologies from Gussing Renewable Energy and international technology partners are used. GRE develops the organizational structure of franchise and license models (Right to Use, Right to Modify, Right to Build) on a client-specific and request-oriented basis and offers training for technical staff.

The carbon cycle

All Gussing Renewable Energy solutions rely on the principle of Carbon Recycling®. Biomass growth is an original and natural form of CO2 storage. The energetic exploitation of biomass is CO2-neutral, because the CO2 thus released was stored in the biomass during growth and is refed to the growth cycle.


For more information visit us at www.gussingrenewable.com.
Contact us at info@gussingrenewable.com.

Christoph Czernin, aac

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