news flash refueling the VW XL1 with CareFuel (JP version)

*This is the Japanese version of the video. Click here for the English version.

Advanced technology in fuel refining by Carbon Recycling and advanced technology in automotive design are the short time solution to the world’s emission problem!

Both technologies are available at industrial scale today and will be the clean standard of tomorrow. GRE and CareFuel make clean fuels available to the ISO- standardized market and the average but careful customer.

In order to prove our point, beyond any form of doubt we picked up the worlds most advanced available car, the Volkswagen XL 1, in Dresden, Germany and drove it all the way to Güssing, Austria.

Having developed the Güssing process and by engineering the GRE technology we replace the use of fossil resources and we avoid undesirable competition with the world food production.

We at Güssing Renewable Energy make the new, desirable and clean fuels, CareFuels, from renewable resources by Carbon Recycling, our patented Güssing process. Instead of burning different kinds of waste and creating large quantities of hazardous emissions, we turn feedstock into clean, hydrogen rich gas, – a full replacement for oil and coal! (See the Gasification vs. Incineration video here)

We can prove beyond any doubt that the car uses less than 1 gallon of fuel for 100 miles. We owe our gratitude and pay our respect to Mr. Ferdinand Piech and Mr. Martin Winterkorn, the chairmen and the CEO, of Volkswagen for actual producing cars like the advanced XL 1 and make them and their technology available to the general public.

Concept und Realization: / Christoph Czernin
© Gussing Renewable Energy 2015

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