pt 01 the journey begins

Unser erster Film der Tour zeigt den Ort wo alles in den frühen 90er Jahren begonnen hat. Konzept und Umsetzung: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2011

tech flash GRE DFB gasifier from 2 MWth / 0.5 MWe to 40 MWth / 10 MWe (JP version)

*This is the Japanese version of the video. Click here for the English version. This film is a virtual walkthrough of the 2nd generation DFB gasification system, a biomass gasification power plant based on the Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed (FICFB) technology. Utilizing other carbon-rich residues, aside from wood chips, for the production of energy […] pt 02 clarksdale

Next stop: Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA. This film gives insight into the „community based, integrated renewable energy system“ in Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA. Concept and Realization: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2011 pt 15 energy crisis – old news for the salt industry

A documentary about the energy-crisis of the salt industry over the last centuries. The efficient utilization of biomass was an important cornerstone to accelerate the development of the salt industry in the municipality of Steinbach by the Attersee. The first wood scarcity in the 12th century made the locals inventive. Today, the salt industry by […]

tech flash liquid fuels from biomass through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

In this video we show you how we convert biomass to liquid fuels. Through Fischer Tropsch synthesis, the cleaned syn-gas from GRE DFB gasification systems can be turned into waxes for further refining to liquid fuels. With the side-by-side comparison, you will see the advantages of biomass derived fuels compared to fossil fuels. Concept und […] pt 09 India

On we go to India, presenting our activities and partnership with GP Energy. Concept and Realization: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2011 pt 14 Myanmar / Burma

A landfill in Myanmar, in need of our carbon recycling expertise, on how to turn their resources into renewable energy. Concept und Realization: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2012