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tech flash cold flow model of the DFB gasifier

In this video you will see the cold flow model of the DFB gasification system. It is used to investigate the operational behavior of the unique dual fluidized bed system and is designed for increased fuel flexibility. With friendly permission from the owner of the original content: Johannes Schmid Future Energy Technology Vienna University of […]

tech flash GRE DFB gasifier from 2 MWth / 0.5 MWe to 40 MWth / 10 MWe (JP version)

*This is the Japanese version of the video. Click here for the English version. This film is a virtual walkthrough of the 2nd generation DFB gasification system, a biomass gasification power plant based on the Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed (FICFB) technology. Utilizing other carbon-rich residues, aside from wood chips, for the production of energy […]

tech flash Animation der thermischen Vergasung -> Polygeneration (JP Version)

Diese Animation des GRE DFB Vergasers zeigt wie wir aus kohlenstoffhältigen Fraktionen eine Vielzahl an Energieprodukten, wie Strom, Wärme, Erdgas und flüssige Treibstoffe herstellen.