The GRE Education Program

Four students were invited to join working professionals at the power plant for a period of 16 weeks, during which time the future generation was encouraged to cultivate an in-depth understanding of GRE-DFB gasification technology through a hands-on education with specialists.

GRE Chairman M.J. Dichand presenting the new DFB plant in Nongbua

GRE chairman M. J. Dichand talking about the new GRE DFB plant in Nongbua Thailand……..

GRE DFB Technology in Nong Bua Thailand

GRE Asia CEO Michael Messner talking about DFB Technology in Asia

newsflash GRE- DFP Gasification in Nongbua

The new GRE DFB plant in Nongbua Thailand is operating and producing electricity , that is fed into the national grid.  

tech flash new crops for energy production part 2

We continued looking for alternative feedstock to be utilized in the GRE DFB gasifierfor the production of energy and met Mr. Pinter who manages various short-rotation plantations and tells us his experiences with the crops. Concept und Realization: / Christoph Czernin © Gussing Renewable Energy 2013

The new plant in Nong Bua Thailand, building process almost finished

The new GRE plant in Long But ist almost ready,

Timelapse NongBua, View 2 short

Short erection time lapse of the new GRE DFB Plant in Long Bua Thailand